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Thailand is an amazing country!

Mysterious Thailand Thailand is an unforgettable pastime, fascinating excursions, picturesque beaches with shimmering sunset colors of the sun sinking in the water, delicious food and the atmosphere of the magical east. The green tops of the impassable jungle towering above…

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Real estate in Thailand: buying features

Недвижимость в Таиланде

Buying a house or an apartment abroad for many today is no longer a dream, but a common thing. One of the countries where housing is bought with pleasure is Thailand. The process of buying a property in this country…

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Social experiment: domestic violence for Thais!

Activists from the public organization My Mate Nate conducted an experiment to test how passers-by perceive the mockery of a Thai relative to his girlfriend, reports Bangkok Coconuts. In the video, young people push and beat the girls in a…

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Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand The realities of modern life are such that it is difficult not only to earn decent money – it is even harder to keep the capital received from inflation and depreciation. One of the most common ways…

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Thai Stonehenge

Thai Stonehenge One of the most ancient stone monuments – the world famous Stonehenge – is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in England. However, in Thailand there is its own Stonehenge. Thai Stonehenge – Mor Hin Khao –…

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