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Thailand is an amazing country!

Mysterious Thailand

Thailand is an unforgettable pastime, fascinating excursions, picturesque beaches with shimmering sunset colors of the sun sinking in the water, delicious food and the atmosphere of the magical east. The green tops of the impassable jungle towering above the islands, snow-white sandy beaches and azure shades of the Gulf of Thailand will present a sea of ​​delight and a large supply of good mood to everyone who decides to visit this incredibly exotic country. Thailand is not only an excellent option for adventurers, collectors of unusual souvenirs and extreme fans, but also a great place for a wedding, a honeymoon, a romantic break for two in a cozy bungalow by the water.

How to travel around Thailand

You can travel around Thailand on tuk-tuk – a side-open pick-up truck with benches along the body or on a fast motobike – this will help you get to any end of the island in minutes. Of course, tourists like tuk-tuk most of all and mostly choose it, because it is interesting and unusual, besides, on the way to the right place you can enjoy a warm breeze and local beauties, having done so many photos. What can be more beautiful than this movement?

Thai cuisine

Only fragrant meals. Thai cuisine is the visiting card of this country … delicious and fresh seafood made according to the special recipes of local chefs will not leave anyone indifferent, even those with exotic dishes for “you” and whisper. After all, the severity of food here is selected strictly according to the preferences of customers. But the client is always right. Therefore Thai cooks do their best to please any requests of tourists and adventurers. In addition, the country is famous for its fresh and exotic fruits, which will cause lovers to enjoy the sweet mass of positive emotions. For example – fragrant pineapples and mangoes, literally melting in the language and leaving a bright aftertaste. Say what you like, and Thailand is a wonderful country!
Yes, and sacred. The country is glorified by the abundance of majestic holy palaces and temples throughout the island. The beauty of the holy places here amaze and amazes the look of travelers! Any tourist will be frozen and filled with energy heart, when his foot crosses the threshold of the Thai temple. In Thailand, they believe in the Buddha – therefore, its images are everywhere, they remind residents and visitors about how important the traditions of their country are for the Thai people. Therefore, to go to Thailand and not to visit at least one palace or temple is a big omission.

Temples of Thailand

The most beautiful temples of Thailand to date are the temple Wat Phra Keo, Wat Arun, Wat Po, Wat Tremit, Wat Yai Chai Mankgon, and Wat Pratat Doi Suthep. The first temple is the most important in the country, it is located in Bangkok – in the heart of the city in the interior of the Royal Palace. He is glorified by the fact that there is kept an emerald statue of the Buddha of incredible beauty – legends are about her. It is said that after it was discovered in Chiang Rai as early as the fifteenth century, it was transferred from the king to the king, then spent two hundred years in Laos until it returned to Thailand when the mighty warriors took Vientiane. In the end, the statue found its home in Wat Phra Keo only in the early eighteenth century.
No less striking are the other temples. For example, Wat Arun is considered the Temple of the morning dawn – a lot of Thai people go there every morning to pray. A temple was built near the Chao Praya River, also in the capital, and it is unique in its Khang-style prang tower. An amazing place, wrapped in magic.
The temple of Wat Po is located near the first temple – it is the largest temple in the capital, with it is the most popular massage school in Thailand. The temple is a unique statue of the reclining Buddha, forty-six meters in size.
But the largest statue of the Golden Buddha stands at Wat Kremit temple – five meters high and weighs six tons, this monument was hidden by Thai monks in numerous layers of plaster to ensure that in case of warriors the invaders could not take it. However, after falling, the statue was discovered – in fact the gypsum split.
Holiday in Thailand will give every traveler a unique chance to be filled with vivid impressions and from riding on elephants. These kind animals will take tourists to the right place through the picturesque jungle. In addition, going to Thailand, do not forget about the golden hands of local masseurs. The connoisseurs of their business will present a healthy spirit to the body of every traveler.