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Delightful Thailand – 10 most interesting facts that you did not know

Thailand (Thailand) is the most visited tourist country in Asia. The tourists are provided with: tasty food, cheap bungalows, a lot of entertainment, among which you will find at least a few people who like it. The clear sea and warm climate attract many guests from all over the world to the paradise.

Delightful Thailand. Features of Thailand

It’s time to learn about interesting facts that were hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated in the subtleties of the social life of the islanders of the tourist:

Thailand – the only free-developing country in the world from the beginning of the foundation to our time. It was never colonized by European countries during periods of wars and the division of world space.

Now the country is 2560 year. The island counts from the Buddha’s birthday, as in many other Buddhist countries.

The head of state is a long-reigning monarch. Residents of the islands respect him for writing the national anthem, an excellent game on the saxophone and writing paintings.

The capital of Thailand Bangkok has the longest name in the world, consisting of several parts of interconnected parts.

In the state there are objects listed in the Guinness Book of Records: the largest Buddha statue, the largest restaurant, the highest hotel in the world.

The country is famous for living the smallest mammal on the planet – a swine bat, whose weight is equal to the weight of the coin.

Thailand, by right, is considered the birthplace of Siamese cats, whose name comes from the ancient name of the country – Siam. A gift in the form of a pair of Siamese cats will be a wonderful presentation to the bride, promising luck in marriage. At the present time there are only 6 breeds of animals on the island.

All men, until they reach the age of 20, should become Buddhist monks, and then, after stepping over the age limit, decide the question of their religion at their own discretion.

The purest part of the body is the head, so people who occupy the social hierarchy a step below the interlocutor keep their head bowed. The dirtiest part of the body is the leg, so the sign of bad taste is the use of the feet as a pointer.

In Thailand, a 6-hour clock is introduced. In European countries, people use time periods of 12 and 24 hours, and in Thailand it is customary to live every 6 hours 4 times a day.

Many directors shot religious films on the coast of the purest sea. We hope that the article has increased your interest in visiting the country as soon as possible!