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Thai Stonehenge

Thai Stonehenge

One of the most ancient stone monuments – the world famous Stonehenge – is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in England. However, in Thailand there is its own Stonehenge. Thai Stonehenge – Mor Hin Khao – is located in Phu Lan Khao National Park in the eastern province of Thailand Chaiyaphum and is a group of 5 giant stone columns of quaint shape, created from white and purple sandstone. The height of the columns reaches 12 meters. The age of Thai Stonehenge is estimated at more than 100 million years.

Mor Hin Khao is open all year round, but the most pleasant time is from October to January. Here you can see a lot of beautiful formations of fanciful shapes and colors, reminiscent of different animals and structures. In addition, in Mor Hin Khao are the most beautiful observation platforms, which open the view of the whole province. Photographers especially like this place for the opportunity to create extraordinary beauty pictures with stunning views.


Despite the fact that Thai Stonehenge is less known to the total number of tourists, Thais, who took part in the seventh annual study of the best places to visit in Thailand in 2014, included Mor Him Khao. According to a poll conducted by the tourist portal, Thai Stonehenge is on the list of 7 wonders of Thailand, worthy to visit, and ranked third in the ranking.

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