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Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand

The realities of modern life are such that it is difficult not only to earn decent money – it is even harder to keep the capital received from inflation and depreciation. One of the most common ways to save savings is investing money in real estate.

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Recently, investors, considering options for profitable investment, drew attention to the real estate market in South-East Asia, in particular, Thailand. The variety of proposals for buying a home in Thailand is an adequate cost, which, as a rule, does not exceed the average indicators of many cities.

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The sale of houses and apartments in the Kingdom is aimed at different categories of investors, which allow to purchase both economy-class housing and luxury apartments. In addition, often real estate is acquired not only for the purpose of investing money, but also as a home or a resting place. Most travelers who have once visited the Land of Smiles come back here again and again, and a sufficiently high level of comfort with relatively low cost of services in many spheres of life makes Thailand an attractive place for permanent or extended stay.

The main factor that plays a role in the acquisition of real estate is the location.

The main proposals for the acquisition of housing in Thailand are concentrated in the main tourist centers of the country – in Pattaya and on the island of Phuket. The key moments in choosing a category of housing are the development of external and internal infrastructure, proximity to the sea and the center, transport accessibility, prestige of the area, quality of construction and interior decoration, social surroundings. Also important are the conditions for the acquisition of real estate: the possibility of payment by installments, including with borrowing, the amount of the initial installment, the terms and procedure for the purchase, the need for personal presence at all stages of registration of the purchase and sale transaction, and, of course, housing – the reputation of the builder.

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One of the features of investing in real estate is the possession, as a rule, of a rather large initial capital. However, in recent years, the real estate market in Thailand is dynamically developing in the direction of increasing the availability of housing for purchase. In particular, developers are starting to launch new inexpensive projects of condominiums, including in premium projects, with favorable conditions for investors. In addition, there is the possibility of investing at an early stage of construction, which makes housing affordable for small investors with relatively small cash. Naturally, after the end of the construction of the condominium, the cost of the apartment will significantly increase in comparison with the amount that was paid earlier. However, for an investor who has concluded a contract with a developer, the value of real estate is fixed in the contract and does not change irrespective of the level of inflation.

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A pleasant moment of investment in real estate in Thailand is the ability to receive income regardless of market trends of changes in its value. Even in the case of a temporary decline in the value of real estate, you can compensate for your losses by renting a house because the rent of apartments is no less in demand in Thailand, especially in the resort areas.

Of course, investment in real estate, like any other type of investment, is subject to risks associated with a sudden change in the value of assets. However, in real estate, it is easier to predict the trend in its value than in the case of other investment instruments. The housing market in Thailand is quite stable, and if all the above mentioned key points were taken into account when buying an apartment (location, infrastructure, architecture and decoration, transport accessibility, proximity to the sea, social surroundings, supply and demand dynamics of this category of housing, developer) then predict the market value of the property in the future will not be difficult.


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According to experts, the value of real estate in Thailand in the future will grow, which is due to the development of the tourist zone and a stable economic situation. In addition, Thailand – a comfortable country for living and can become a place that you have long dreamed of.

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