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Real estate in Thailand: buying features

Недвижимость в Таиланде

Buying a house or an apartment abroad for many today is no longer a dream, but a common thing. One of the countries where housing is bought with pleasure is Thailand. The process of buying a property in this country will not be difficult, provided that you will carefully consider the key points and trust professionals.

Real estate in Thailand: buying features

Some Russians have the impression that if you can relax on your own in this country, you can also purchase real estate by yourself, without resorting to the services of realtors and lawyers. That’s just an opinion that is fundamentally wrong, because when buying and selecting real estate you will need to know the market, local legislation and also require a certain qualification.

Contacting the Real Estate Agency

When contacting an agent, it is important to clearly indicate the query: what is the budget, how many rooms will be needed, in what district do you want to live, what is the real estate object interested in, for what purpose is the purchase – for permanent residence or investment.

The primary real estate market in Thailand is different in that it is the seller who pays the agency. He must provide a contract of sale and register a deal in the Land Department. The buyer has the right to resort to the help of an independent lawyer to check and verify the purity of the transaction. Buying a house or apartment in a project that does not involve free legal support, the buyer will bear the costs of paying for agency and legal services. The same situation is in the secondary housing market.

The primary market gives an opportunity to purchase an apartment or a villa at the stage of erection. Buying an object under construction, you can get a guaranteed additional income.

Having bought a home in the resort area, you can rent it out. This option is a real prospect to return the invested money.

Real estate registration

On the registration of real estate takes a little time – a couple of hours. This procedure is quite understandable and simple. After selecting an object, a deposit is paid. For this, as a rule, the builder’s office is chosen or the money is transferred to the account. Then a contract with the developer is drawn up and signed. After paying the first installment for the apartment, the contract begins to operate. Paying the initial deposit and the first scheduled payment, the next scheduled payments are started according to the schedule.

When buying a secondary real estate in most cases, you do not have to count on installment payments.

Good luck shopping with you!