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Thai Stonehenge

Thai Stonehenge One of the most ancient stone monuments – the world famous Stonehenge – is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire in England. However, in Thailand there is its own Stonehenge. Thai Stonehenge – Mor Hin Khao –…

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Protection of a house in Thailand crocodile

Protection of a house in Thailand crocodile Someone’s dog is in high esteem, but for some there is no better guard than an alligator. Two crocodiles serve as watchdogs for a resident of Thailand, Avirut Nathip in the province of…

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Mosaic temple in Thailand

The largest mosaic temple in Asia was built in Thailand Four floors with a height of 42 meters, more than 20 million ceramic tiles with a total weight of more than 180 tons. And a three-year work of 200 masters.…

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